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Many people have thought about having a business of your own. There are people working for others and don’t like their job. Some people are not happy with how much money they make. So, they dream about having their own business. What are the benefits of starting a business? Here are some benefits of online businesses.

Benefits of online business

Low Investment

Many people are living month to month with little to no extra money to start a business. You have the time and willingness to work hard, that should account for something. Right?

There are many ways to build an online business without having a lot of money to get started.

A laptop, computer or even a smart cellphone in had, you have the tools to start a business. Access to internet. And a desire to work hard. You can build a following of people, which leads to sales.

With a brick and mortar business you would need a lot of capital investment and some savings to live on while building the business. This could take up to 5 years before you make enough money to live on.

Amazon was built in Jeff Bezos garage, originally an online bookstore. In 2018 Amazon did $141.4 billion in sales. Bezos used his garage to store products. This is no longer needed, unless you want too.

Affiliate Marketing has changed the rules of the online market. You don’t have to touch the products. The company selling the products you endorse will take care of shipping the product and customer service.

Flexible Hours

What are the benefits of starting a business of your own. You determine what hours of business you will work. With an online business this could be even more flexible. You can work anytime of the day or night. When every you have spare time, you should at least have a scheduled time to work.

This can also be a hazard, your dedication to this work is up to you. Do you have the determination to make this happen? You have to produce articles on a regular bases to get good rankings in the search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

You can be a full time worker for someone else, regardless of the hour of the day. When at home you can build a website attracting customers to read your product reviews or about the latest diet recipe. Maybe share your ideas about a hobby.


You determine how much money you make by how much time you invest in building your online business.

Most people want to make a lot of money fast, usually without much effort.

There are scams that try to entice you to join their program and they will guarantee your income. Be very careful, many people have lost a lot of money doing this.

Consider finding a mentor to help you build your online business. Someone who has interest in your success.

If you don’t know anyone. Find a system in place that has mentoring built in.

You can see by my website I use Wealthy Affiliate as my mentor system. I have people helping me and I help others by sharing ideas and motivation through the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Benefits of online business - money in exchange for product or services.

People around the world are buying more products and services using the internet every day and night.

Yes, it is a global market.

By 2021, global retail e-commerce sales will reach $4.5 trillion.

Work From Anywhere

You determine where you work. A laptop or cellphone can produce articles whenever you start writing. This is great for someone who has to move locations or countries frequently.

You stop at your favorite coffee shop. Research ideas or write an article while sipping your blend of the day.

Best ways to make money at home is drinking a cup of coffee while writing articles on your laptop.

If you have a dictating app on your phone, you could write while driving down the road. You get home to your computer, you could edit and publish.

You could live in an RV traveling campgrounds, hopefully with WiFi available.

Share Your Passion

If you have a hobby, work experience or passionate about something. People will want to read your take on the subject.

You don’t have to be a great writer.

Your passion for what you are writing about will show, people will feel your excitement.

You will be surprised what people will be interested in reading. Try typing in a strange topic, to you, see what you find on the internet about that topic. I remember when eBay first came out, you could buy anything, even someones old dentures.

Build While Working

An online business can be built while you are working for someone else. You can do this while working a full time job, is there a couple hours during the day you could spend learning to build a website and a niche to write about?

With a job you don’t have to worry about how you will meet the monthly bills, while building you online store.

Maybe you currently have good health insurance and benefits you can’t do without, just yet.

Help Other People

This can be done for individuals or community. Maybe there is a cause in your local community you would like to help, if you had the money or time you would share with them.

Charity or philanthropy is a benefit to your health. There are companies who will give a pair of shoes to the poor for every pair sold. Or plant a tree for every tree sold.

Businesses provide charity to communities.

Look at this study of giving – “5 Ways Giving Is Good for You.” Giving helps others and you at the same time.

What can you do that would help someone or the community you live? Would you be willing to donate a percentage of your sales to a local organization?

What would you be willing to do to help others?

You build your online business(es) you might want to help others do the same thing.

You can give back by being someones Mentor.

What Are The Benefits of Starting A Business

After reading this, do have ideas of what you want to do?

What benefits of starting a business do you see?

Maybe you just want to have some extra money, without working another job. Read my article on Affiliate Marketing.

Spend a couple hours a day learning a new skill and start your own website. In a couple years you will have a website bringing in additional income.

Obviously, if you need money now working another job will get money quicker. Read my article on ways to make money.

Think about it, if you do the same thing you have always done and expect something different. This is the definition of insanity.

What are your dreams?

  1. Yes, online business definitely has its advantages over the traditional business, especially affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place for getting education on how to start an affiliate marketing business. The support system in WA is wonderful. There are many helpful members in there to provide assistance if any new members along the path of building a successful online business. 

    • There are other platform besides Wealthy Affiliate, but I am happy with the training and help from other members. There are no additional cost, up sales. You can build a website with the included features, after making money you can invest in your business.

      Online business gives you many options a brick and mortar business can’t.

  2. Thanks a lot for summarizing such an amazing article about how to start a business with all this benefits.

    I was very determined to have an online business. After a long time in which I searched for a lot of information on the Internet, I found the Wealthy Affiliate platform and since then my life has changed. I am now a premium member and I want Wealthy Affiliate to become my only source of financial income. There are a lot of experienced people who want to help you reach your goals, at Wealthy Affiliate. I think everyone who wants to have their own business should choose Wealthy Affiliate.

    If you don’t mind I will share this article on my social media account. There I have a lot of friends who want to make their own business. Thanks again and wish you the best! 

    • You are welcome to share this article.

      Affiliate marketing is not an easy business, but it can done with effort. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate you can be a mentor to your friends. Guide them in their travel through the affiliate marketing business.

      As a business owner you have to establish a schedule for working your business. There is no one to make sure you are working, but yourself. There are several times I should have fired the guy in the mirror.

  3. Thanks for writing this very interesting article on starting your own business. This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently as I have chronic back pain which is starting to affect my ability to work so I need to find a way to supplement my income.

    I’ve tried things like selling on eBay in the past and made some small amounts of money but not even close to being enough. I’ve seen many people talking about affiliate marketing. Is this really a potential way to earn good money online and how long does it take to create an affiliate marketing business?



    • Serious affiliate marketers can make six figures per year, this might take two to three years to establish. This is still better than a brick and mortar business, which can take five plus years before seeing a profit.

      Successful affiliate marketers go through several ideas (niches), before finding success. You need to narrow your niche as far down as possible.

      My son follows someone whose niche is four wheeling with Toyota FourRunner’s, he has 500K subscribers, converting into cash every month through subscriptions to news letters. 

      Selecting a good affiliate program is also important. Look for established programs with a track record of paying commissions.

  4. I agree with you: if you’re looking to start your own business (and who doesn’t want to be their own boss in this day and age?) then doing it online is probably the most straightforward, least risky option for most people. For me, it’s the flexibility to run the same business from anywhere plus the ability to keep the “day job” going while building a side income which hopefully one day will become my main source of income. Inspiring article, thanks for sharing.

    • My mentor traveled for a few years in his pickup and travel trailer, with his dog. Moving from one RV park to the next, ones with WiFi. Visiting National Parks all over the United States. A few years ago he bought a house in San Diego, California, one of the more expensive cities.

      Most people have several hours every night they can write articles, instead of watching TV or playing video games. Affiliate marketing can be done while holding a full time job.

      Another advantage is the tax benefits one can have having your own business. Talk with a Tax Lawyer first, but you can use space in your house, computer, cost of memberships and other cost as tax write offs. 

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